Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - This is Happening

I'm definitely slowing down in terms of my Words Per Day. I'll post the final tally at the end of the month for your viewing pleasure.

Slightly worried, I did some calculations and here's what's happening:

Total Word Count: 35,495
% Complete: 71.0%
Days Left: 13
Words Needed Per Day to Win: 1115

I can do that. Yep, this is pretty much going to happen. Exciting.

Thinking about asking for this Friday off. My second Big-Work-Project is finally going to press, and I'm completely burned out. Maybe my boss will take pity even though it's late notice.

We'll see what his mood's like tomorrow.

If he says yes, I want to try and get my Thanksgiving reserve in. The Boyfriend's coming to town and we reserved a nice suite at a very promising hotel a few hours out of town where I could concentrate on my writing, away from the extended family circus that's getting ready to go down. (We'll save that treat for Christmas) It would be a nice surprise for him if I didn't have to do that and could actually keep him company.

Pretty down today - I think I'm just exhausted from everything.

Let's see if I can squeeze a few more words out before I turn in for the night.

After all, every word counts.


Heather said...

This is my first year doing NaNo, but I think it's totally normal that your word count slows down at the end of the second week/beginning of the third week. You're out of the excitement of starting, but you're not officially at crunch-time yet. I definitely slowed down, too. I was doing 2,500 - 3,500 words a day at first. Now I just try to crack 1,600 and call it a night. Word Wars are really helping though! (I'm super competitive) But you're so close!

Tails said...

I'm slowing as well...life is catching up with me :(

As Heather said, I just try do 1667 and thats it :(