Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SugarSync - Back that As* up!

My new best friend.

I've been using this online backup system for about six months for work stuff now and I love it. I just set up a separate account for Nano '09

You get 2GB of space to backup your files. Since it's online, everything you save can be accessed from any computer. Sure you can use a thumbdrive or e-mail yourself over and over again, but that's cumbersome.

Lazy people like me will appreciate a handy-dandy tool called the Magic Briefcase where you can save your file once have SugarSynch automatically upload changes and edits at a real-time pace. Want more? How about it saves the last 5 versions of your files so you can revert back with a simple click of the mouse?

Last but not least, you can share and collaborate.

Did I mention it was free?

Hard drive crashes, theft, housefires... my writing is free from your clutches.

Get thyself over to

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