Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - omg, the end.

omg i actually did it.
will be back to boast when i'm speech-ful.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Oh, it's ON

Souped up, Pimped out, Newly Alpha'd Hero's kicking some ass.

He's making me fantasize. Heroine's all over him. He's determining plot. He single handedly determined the final outcome of my story. Yes folks, I have an ending.

Funny how some minor tweaks can really get the engines running. I can't wait to go back in my story and re-work the beginning and middle. But I'll save that for December.

For now, I have to get the rest of the story down before I forget.

Total WC: 46,832
% Complete: 93.7%
Days Left: 6
Total Words Needed per Day: 528


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Hero, now with a capital H

Update: Managed to haul my ass out of the house to treat myself to McDonalds Hotcakes AND an Egg Mcmuffin with Sausage. Came back home and took two hours to write 136 Super Crappy and Utterly Meaningless words.

Not Good.

One Very long nap later, I had an Epiphany: My Hero was a Loser.

That's why reading over my words was like sipping tepid tea. That's why writing was a chore instead of a labor of love filled with Squee-Into-The-Pillow moments.

So I went and picked up a few of my favorite romance novels and came up with the following things that my hero must do to redeem himself in my eyes. Hey, I've got the time. Why not?

Here's a few things that I came up with:

  • My hero must be ruthless, mericless and vow that no woman can ever tame him.

  • He will now have hair as black as sin and/or the night. (pffft. Why I originally gave him sandy brown hair, I will never know.)

  • His shoulders will grow a few inches to make them officially "Impossibly Wide." I will chisel his cheekbones, bronze his skin and am considering throwing in... wait for it... dimples!

  • I will bad-ify him, perhaps giving him some issues with authority, a disarming charm and unrelenting passion.

  • He will be domineering, lethal, highly posessive and sexually agressive.

  • I will throw in the cliched-but-still-so-wonderful Jeaslousy Scene, where he goes ape shit over an innoncent smile she offers to his BFF/Waiter/Nemesis what have you.
Yes, this is going to be better. Much, much better. Ladies get ready to throw your panties at my new and improved Hero, now with a capital "H."

I plan to spend most of today doing some more *ahem* research. And why not? I'm ahead of the game.

Famous last words? We shall see. We shall see.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - The 2 Types of Moods

1. Raring to go, can't think of anything to write about.

2. Have bucketloads of ideas, can't be bothered to write it down.

I'm going with 2 today: I've got enough material crawling in my brain to finish this baby up, but my energy level is somewhere between lethargic and comatose. Maybe it's the rain.

On a side note, I only have to write 665 words a day to hit 50k. I should never have made that particular cell in my Excel worksheet. I bet it has a lot to do with my mind's sudden refusal to cooperate. It wants to rest on its laurels.

Lastly, I have an ungodly craving for McDonald's Hotcakes, but I'm too lazy to get up and drive, even for that.

But the day is still young and there is still hope.

Oh the suspense. What will happen today?

Friday, November 20, 2009

say hi to 10

Daul Kim by Marcus Gaab

She said:
i thought it was funny
and ironic
kind of sad
because i spend so much time in the bath tub
in reality
as well

and I said:
i thought of you
with love
and if i could have
death from rocking
you to sleep.
Rest now, be well.
Goodnight Dear

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Playing Hooky

Someone doesn't have to go to work tomorrow!

Ah. Sweet repose...

Going to push for a minimum of 3k words between now and midnight tomorrow.

3k well thought out, solid words.

That's where I'm at now. Proud Proprietor of the luxury of considering the Quality of my writing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9, 10... Never Sleep Again

So random Google search leads me to this shit:

Art Credit: Otilee
Guess who's not getting a good night's sleep tonight?

That's right, and now, neither are you.

Let's be terrified together.

Nanowrimo 2009 - This is Happening

I'm definitely slowing down in terms of my Words Per Day. I'll post the final tally at the end of the month for your viewing pleasure.

Slightly worried, I did some calculations and here's what's happening:

Total Word Count: 35,495
% Complete: 71.0%
Days Left: 13
Words Needed Per Day to Win: 1115

I can do that. Yep, this is pretty much going to happen. Exciting.

Thinking about asking for this Friday off. My second Big-Work-Project is finally going to press, and I'm completely burned out. Maybe my boss will take pity even though it's late notice.

We'll see what his mood's like tomorrow.

If he says yes, I want to try and get my Thanksgiving reserve in. The Boyfriend's coming to town and we reserved a nice suite at a very promising hotel a few hours out of town where I could concentrate on my writing, away from the extended family circus that's getting ready to go down. (We'll save that treat for Christmas) It would be a nice surprise for him if I didn't have to do that and could actually keep him company.

Pretty down today - I think I'm just exhausted from everything.

Let's see if I can squeeze a few more words out before I turn in for the night.

After all, every word counts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Picture can be worth a Thousand Words 2

Evening Falls.

Go. Write.

Nanowrimo 2009 - Driving Drunk

Art Credit: Unscripted Feature
I couldn't, for the life of me, quiet my brain yesterday.

I hadn't Nano'ed for 3 days and I was determined to get back in the groove. But I had so many thoughts (none of them related to writing) blitzing around my brain that I couldn't even sit still long enough to read over the last paragraph of my WIP to remember where I left off.

So I drank. It was either that or an expired Vicodin left over from a root canal a few years back. I chugged the Whiskey straight from the bottle until nothing mattered and everything made sense.

And it worked. 3o90 words of fairly decent quality in one hour before I passed out.

I'd better take care not to abuse this shortcut. But if you're stuck, and over 21, you might want to file this trick away in your brain as a Last Resort.

I'm off to eat something because my stomach is sour and my head is pounding. Then I'm going to sit down and write some more.

Sober this time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Triple Noes!!!

art credit: Natalie Dee

Tomorrow, I will fire a single mother of two children.

I was given the execution orders by my boss this morning and haven't eaten since. Strangely, I managed to throw up three times, mostly bile, but a few mystery chunks of something I'm hoping wasn't some part of my internal structure essential for my survival.

But because it is part of my job to keep professional, look out for the company's best interest and prevent this head-rolling from affecting the rest of my team's morale, (thanks for the pep talk boss, if it were that easy, you'd do it yourself) I will get up tomorrow morning, get dressed, put on my makeup, do my hair and go do what I'm paid to do. That is, if I don't die from these heart palpitations tonight.

At least this time it's justified. I've tried for months to cover for her, but, she managed to jump right into the middle of a steaming pile of shit. Quick sand shit. And I can't help her.

Last year's downsizing bloodbath was bad. Innocent blood all over my hands. I still wake up screaming, me and my tainted soul.

Today's word count will clearly be ZERO. But I promise myself to write this weekend. All weekend.

Nanowrimo 2009 - Oh Noes!

ZERO words for the last two days.

I'm letting work get to me. I was literally in tears all last night and the night before and didn't even try to write anything.

You know, sometimes I wish I was one of those people who let it all out at the workplace - tears, rage, frustration-everything. I just take everything with a shit eating grin, drive home and BREAK THE F*CK down.

I think I'm left with little choice than to fire someone and that always ALWAYS makes me puke my guts out for a week before. Especially in this economy - it's brutal out there.

At least this time, it is 100% the employee's fault. Failed to do her work, then stepped on like 7 pairs of the WRONG toes.

Deep breath. Life can't all be good right?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - When in Doubt, Hand Write!

I'm over the nipple.

After hours of dumbly staring at Word's blinking cursor, I did the best thing I've done in a while for my writing. I shut my computer off.
Okay, that's a lie. I set it aside.

I grabbed me a writing pad (Staples Bagasse) and wrote the old fashioned way. I had a bunch of fountain pens that needed to be drained of ink and put out of rotation, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

Just bask in the glory of the results. Five pages of double sided writing. 22o2 of which made it into my novel.
Good times.

On a side note. I'm ashamed to post these pictures because I do own a decent camera, I swear. But I usually just snap away with my blackberry and e-mail the images to myself. It's so much easier than hunting down the camera cable, plugging, unplugging, messing around with folders... rawr. My laziness is truly truly a sin.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009- The Sagging Middle

Jeepers, I'm there.

I am this pig's third nipple.

8 days into Nanowrimo, I'm 24k words strong. I've written the beginning, and I know the end. I can't, for the life of me, write what actually happens to get from Point A to B.

My characters are sitting around with their thumbs up their asses and talking in circles.

Could I be running out of plot?

No... that's not it. There's still quite a few scenes and an entire subplot that I haven't even touched.

I think I f*cked up by going too fast, exposed too much too soon, and now I can't figure out how to get them from uh... here to er... there.

Something along the lines of a broken bridge. There's another fertile groud on the other side - a whole story that I need to explore.

If I can just get past this hump.


Check back with me tomorrow to see where I am. It's almost 5pm and I'm going to tackle this issue for the next few hours.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A picture can be worth a thousand words

Somtimes, they're just pictures of beautiful people.

Other times, they get it right and one picture is all it takes to jump start your plot.

Doesn't the story behind this picture simply beg to be written down?

Write on!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Uninspired

Completely stressed out by work.

Utterly uninspired.

Just wrote 1399 words of total crap and am going to bed early.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SugarSync - Back that As* up!

My new best friend.

I've been using this online backup system for about six months for work stuff now and I love it. I just set up a separate account for Nano '09

You get 2GB of space to backup your files. Since it's online, everything you save can be accessed from any computer. Sure you can use a thumbdrive or e-mail yourself over and over again, but that's cumbersome.

Lazy people like me will appreciate a handy-dandy tool called the Magic Briefcase where you can save your file once have SugarSynch automatically upload changes and edits at a real-time pace. Want more? How about it saves the last 5 versions of your files so you can revert back with a simple click of the mouse?

Last but not least, you can share and collaborate.

Did I mention it was free?

Hard drive crashes, theft, housefires... my writing is free from your clutches.

Get thyself over to

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Temple has a new face!

The previous Temple wasn't working out for me. Beautiful, absolutely, but she wasn't quite (I hate this word) naughty enough.

Come meet the New and Improved Temple.
So... do we love her or what?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - If i Fail...

Wow, that would be such a tragedy.

I was browsing the blogs of fellow Nanowrimo participants and I realize that my life, for better or worse, is truly uncomplicated and tame.

No kids. No family to take care of. No mid-terms, no exams. No co-dependent friends. No super-active social life.

Aside from my 9-5 job (well, 8:30 to 5:30) I have zero responsibilities.

I have a low maintenance, long-term, long-distance boyfriend (the best kind, imho) who's content to watch me write via webcam while he watches football, tinkers around with his computer, plays video games... sits stupid with his mouth hanging open...

My dog is old and lazy and doesn't like to be walked or otherwise bothered. As long as I pour some kibble in his bowl after work, he couldn't care less what I do or don't do.

I live alone and barely leave the house on weekends.

My bills get paid in full, on time. I don't think I'll get fired any time soon. Car runs fine...

Yes... I can do this.

*Fist Pump!*

And if I may add smugly, the night is still young and I've got 3780 bona fide words down on paper.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Back to the Original Game Plan

Screw it.

I tried all day to flesh out Plan B and failed miserably. Back to Plan A.

I did buy a yummy scented Yankee Candle today though. A 100% All Natural Soy Wax candle in Cran Slam. More than just a hill of beans indeed.

Approximately 20 minutes until Launch.


Nanowrimo 2009 - Oh Dear God...

16 hours left.
I hate my old plot.
I have no new plot.
I'm Frozen in Fear.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Trouble Ahead

I'm sick of my story already. My Hero has no personality and my Heroine's Bat Shit Crazy. In a bad way.

I am also mesmerized by Her. And thoroughly inspired.

So what now? Do I dump everything and start anew with 2 days left 'til D-Day?
Decisions, Decisions...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Writing Prompt

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Used.

Source: Fellow Nanowrimo Participant's forum signature.

Get your Write on!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Heroine: Meet Temple

Hello Temple!
Pretty ain't she?

Nanowrimo 2009 - The Skeleton

So come on now - let's be honest. By "Not Planning" I meant the No-Intricately-Detailed-Blueprints-complete-with-whimsical-flourishes-that-catch-the-eye kind. I've got the basics down to my Nanowrimo '09 project as I'm not the type to take giant leaps of faith without a parachute.

OBJECTIVE: 50,000 words in 30 days

WORKING TITLE: Your Winter (christened this morning while brushing teeth)

GENRE: Romance
SUB-GENRE: Romantic Adventure? Romantic Suspense?

SETTING: Colorado, Before Christmas

GENERAL PLOT IDEA: While spying on her family, Heroine sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong and unwittingly witnesses a murder/assassination of Very Important Person in criminal world. Surveillance Team (FBI? CIA? DoD?) leaves behind Very Pissed Off Hero to take care of the situation.

He’s stuck babysitting when he should be breaking the most important case of his career.

She’s thrilled, because she thinks he’s Heaven sent to help her solve her mystery.

1,2,3... Negotiate!

Hopelessly entangled…
They fall in love, sweet love.

The End.

Sounds simple enough. *Fist Pump* I can do this!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 - Work Life: when Doubt starts marching in...

November things to do at work:

Thing to do: Publish two seperate catalogs
Deadline: Get it to Press by 11/24
Plan: Break out the whip and chase around minions until they get it done.

Thing to do: Update website for new selling season
Deadline: 11/15
Plan: Chase Webmaster around building until he gets it done.

Thing to do: Give annual review for one aforementioned minion.
Deadline: Before 11/30
Plan: Big sigh, minimum raises across the board due to economy. I hope she takes it well, she deserves so much more.

Thing to do: Prepare powerpoint and present marketing objectives at Sales Meeting
Deadline: Mock up due to Senior VP before Thanksgiving. Actual presentation, first week of December.
Plan: Gotta suck this one up all by myself. I can't think about this right now, I'll start having anxiety attacks. You know how people say practice makes public speaking easier? I've found that to be completely untrue. I do these things once a quarter and feel like I get worse and worse every single time. *Big Sigh*

Don't think I'll be doing much Nano-ing at work... I'll be lucky if I don't have to work nights or weekends.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ah...Sweet Anticipation

Instead of planning and plotting, I done gone on a Nanowrimo-supply-purchasing-binge. All from the comfort of my bed. A couple clicks, punch in some numbers et Voila. What a wonderful world.

Things I bought:

1. Bagasse Notepads from Staples - 48 pads (Had to qualify for the free shipping) Environmentally friendly!

2. New fountain pen that I don't need - Pelikan M200 + Private Reserve Black Cherry Ink

3. Okay, maybe I got another fountain pen... or two. "Technically,"the Pelikano Jr. is kind of a non-purchase, being $12 and all... or not

Hmmm... I'm feeling a little guilty. I did buy some other things, but maybe I'll save that for another post.

Nanowrimo 2009 - First Time Contender

I'm in.

Totally screwed up my last attempt at writing a novel by overplanning. BIG TIME.

Storyboards, hoards of research, character worksheets, synopsis, outlines, detailed timelines, POV analysis... you name it, I did it - twice.

Sat down to write the stupid thing. Promptly crashed and burned.


In Chris Baty's words, "Nothing is more boring than spending an entire month simply inking over a drawing you penciled out months earlier."

So this year, I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Let's do this.